Make every move easier for the UK

While having lots of fun. Join us to be part of the change.

Join us on our mission

Please Connect Me manages utilities and essential services for thousands of housholds in the UK. We would like your help.

Working with us

We are a small but growing team of utilities expert and home moving consultants. We celebrate growth and small victories, and make sure every employee is valued and taken care of.

Wellness programmes

We care about your mental health, and will make sure you have access to self-care resources.

Office shares

We provide stock options plans so you can be part of Please Connect Me’s success.

Great commissions

No good deeds will go unrewarded. We provide a range of commission plans from leading providers of UK.

Feel at home

Your happiness is ours. We are always here to offer support should you need anything.

Fitness Challenges

We host fitness challenges regularly to promote a healthy lifestyle in the Please Connect Me workplace.


Please Connect Me is a participating employer of the cyclescheme.

Training & Mentorship

We care about your future and you have our full support in advancing your career.

Wellness Support

With our wellness partner Juno ,we provide and encourage the use of mental health resources.

50% Referral Commissions

All connections experts receive 50% commissions on referrals.

Award Programmes

Get extra commission awards from providers and convert them into shopping vouchers!

Team Events

We get together sometimes and do really cool things!

Things that matter to us.

Our customers entrust us with the enormous responsibility of helping them manage utilities at their new homes. It is very important to us that our customers are treated with the highest professional standards and conduct at all times.

Here are a few things that we think we are doing right.



We treat our customers, partners, providers, colleagues and ourselves with upmost respect.



We are 100% transparent and honest in all dealings.



We acknowledge our mistakes, fix them, learn from them, and move on. We strive to be better everyday – personally, professionally and collectively.

“Please Connect Me provides the perfect mix of a young, determined company that continually strive for more, while also appreciating the importance of a relaxed approach and the happiness of its staff.”

-Owen Stevens, Sales Manager

“What makes my job great…the people I work with. Even during the interview stages, I could tell I would like these people. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to help if needed. It’s just such a nice supportive atmosphere.

-Katie Whittaker, Connections Expert

“This is the first place I’ve worked in which has felt like home. The team is definitely the nicest bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, as well as management. You are always valued and taken care of.”

-Sharifah Mohamud, Connections Expert

“I’ve been working at PCM for just over a month ,and it’s my first real hands-on experience within a utility concierge service. The helpful, patient and always-supportive team is honestly what makes my job so enjoyable.”

-Ryan Lieu, Junior Administration Officer

“I love being a part of a very social team. Outside of working hours, everyone’s always up for having fun as a team (be it virtual or in-person)! I also love how supportive the team is – if you ever need a helping hand, someone will always be willing to help you out.”

-Katrin Kalla, Administration & Office Manager

“At Please Connect Me, we value talent, hard work and passion for excellence – if that sounds like you, join us to make great things together.“

-Dan Munro, CEO

We want to talk to you.

We will hire people who share our values and take their work seriously. We would be very happy if you had any questions about opportunities or just wanted to understand our company more.

Get in touch with us today and start a conversation about your career!

So what happens next?

Our hiring process is fairly simple – if we think you are potentially a right fit for us, we will give you a call and get to know you, followed by video interview and a related task (if you are applying for a specialist role)


Send us your resumé and any relevant materials to your awesomeness

Phone chat

Let’s get to know each other a little!

Video call

We will have our first virtual meeting on how we can make great things together.

Mission trial

For specialist roles, we will give you a task to show off your knowledge and skills.


Welcome on board!

Not sure how you’d fit in?

If you are interested in working with us, but cannot find a job opening that suits you, send us your details and we can work something out.

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